Sunday, February 27, 2011

OPI: PotC collection preview

So we've all heard about this collection coming up, but now that the colours have been unveiled at last - it is somewhat disappointing. Pirates of the Caribbean could have been so awesome. There's so much room to do duochrome, holos, even mermaid sheens? I could've imagined a black polish that flashes red and gold, or even a red/yellow/orange duochrome that would've fit into the premise like a glove. And yes, OPI, I think you could've managed that.

And instead - we get something akin to a bridal collection?

Wow. That's not cool, OPI.

The only wow factor in this collection is the absolutely amazing silver crackle polish, named - simply - Silver Shatter.

How's that for some awesome!? I really want to get my hands on the Silver Shatter if that's the only crackle I'd ever own, but I foresee it'll go OOS faster than you could say "Bridal collection much?"

Another one that intrigues me is Mermaid's Tears, which seems to be a green-turquoise creme at the bottom. Not only does Silver Shatter look awesome over it, but it is pretty intriguing. Of course, I'd have to watch out for this. It could be a dupe for Essie Turquoise and Caicos.

Why is it all cremes, anyway? Seriously. DUOCHROMES, OPI, OR GLITTERS OR SHIMMER. Nothing less could do for something as awesome as PotC.

This blog is born!


I've pretty much stayed away from nail polish for most of my life (except those times when your mum forcefully puts some on you so everyone can coo, and where you have no choice), and only picked it up less than 6 months ago.

Sadly, it has become one of my obsessions. One that threatens to bankrupt me and destroy my nails at any time.

My first ever nail polish that I actually own is from L.A. Girl, one of the only brands available in pharmacies in Singapore. In Singapore, brands like OPI are sold at a ridiculous price like S$12 which is USD 8.95, so I usually buy mine online.

This blog is just for my friends and I to coo over nail polish.