Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bisque - Ocean Glow

Bisque B077 (aka Ocean Glow) (2/2)

Bisque B077 (aka Ocean Glow) (1/2)

This was 2 coats, no topcoat.

Bisque is a brand I found in China which is majorly, majorly cheap. Also, the quality of their nail polish is surprisingly good. I bought more than 10 bottles of this brand in various colours, so you can expect to see more of these coming right up. This first example is my favourite nail polish from Bisque. It's a very rich medium blue, almost bordering on dark. It reminds me of Essie Mesmerize, except slightly brighter. But inside the polish, it's chock full of blue-green shimmer which reminds me strangely of the mermaid sheen in Charla.

While the shimmer does not match up to the sheen in Zoya Charla, I don't think that was the purpose. Zoya Charla comes off as blue-green from afar, whereas Ocean Glow is distinctly blue. I did do a comparison but it was so awfully painted (I was dizzy from my flight back) that I decided not to upload any pictures. As for the quality of this nail polish, I actually think it's better than some of the more 'established' brands like OPI and China Glaze. I only required 2 coats to reach this opacity. Also, when I did the comparison with Charla, this polish was extremely easy to take off. I was afraid it would give me smurf fingers because of how rich the blue is, but it only took me one swipe of the cotton wool to get it off. Charla, however, took me a ridiculous amount of time. There's something about Charla that doesn't quite respond to nail polish remover.

Anyhow, this was RMB 4, which translates to S$0.80. Yes, I paid less than one dollar for this 0.53 Fl Oz bottle of polish. From what I've swatched on my nail wheels for the rest of my Bisque haul, the quality does not disappoint either. More to come!

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  1. Any idea where this could be bought online? Love that color!!!