Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sasa Tinnie Mini - Peacock Feathers

Sasa Tinnie Mini SME303 (aka Peacock Feathers)

This was 4 coats, no topcoat.

I picked up this baby in the Hong Kong branch of Sasa, a make-up and beauty store. I love, love, love this colour. It comes in a mini heart-shaped bottle that's about 5.5mL so it's quite tiny. The handle is just a little pink pearl so it's a little hard to hold but nothing major. The only complaint I have about this polish is how thin it is. It took 4 coats to reach this opacity and even then, there's still VNL.

This polish has no name anywhere on the label so I decided to call it Peacock Feathers. It's basically a blue-based polish, but the blue only really appears at the sides. Inside is a rich yellow-green that's dotted with bronze glitter. The effect is amazing, it's the one polish I have that truly looks so much like peacock feathers.

I just wish it was more opaque and in a bigger bottle. This cost me HK$7.50 for one, which translates to S$1.25. Awesome!

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