Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sasa Tinnie - Darkened Flame

Sasa Tinnie 1M9 (aka Darkened Flame)

This is 4 coats, no topcoat.

Also bought from the Hong Kong Sasa, this is a dusty dark purple base with orange/green flakes in it. It reminds me strikingly of Orly Fowl Play from their Birds of a Feather collection, though the purple is definitely more gray and desaturated than that of Fowl Play.

As with the other Sasa nail polish I bought, Peacock Feathers, Darkened Flame has no actual name so I decided to give it one because who wants to call it 1M9 all the time, right? Also like Peacock Feathers, Darkened Flame is very thin and requires 4 coats to reach this opacity. However, because the base is dark, the VNL is much less visible on this one than with Peacock Feathers.

I like the flakes in this one, but I think the base colour could be richer. The grey-purple does look a little dull, though the flakes in the polish save it from becoming too boring. This was HK$20 per bottle, since it is full-sized unlike Peacock Feathers, which translates roughly to S$3.30. Cheeaap!

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  1. hey this is soo gorgeous, i love this, you should try layering it over another colour, maybe black or deep purple : )